The Memory Box Network is a registered charity based in Dundee Scotland.  We are using the global reach of digital technology to facilitate powerful reminiscence with the aim of enriching the lives of all those affected by dementia,

We all enjoy recalling childhood events and positive times in our lives. Reminiscing can be used to considerable benefit to people with dementia, however. It can be valuable to their well being and allow them to feel more connected with other people.

The American Psychological Association defines Reminiscence as “the use of life histories – written, oral, or both – to improve psychological well-being”.  People with dementia are encouraged to talk about their early lives with the use of photographs, pieces of music, or other items that will be familiar from their past. The therapy can be carried out formally or more informally with just one other person, a few family members, or a larger group.

Reminiscence helps those with dementia know that they are not being left behind. The importance of feeling that they are still part of the world and contributing to the life of their family and friends cannot be underestimated.